Kids Menu

*For kids 11 and under.

Kids Combo
2 strips of bacon, 1 egg & 1 pancake 6.99

Mickey Mouse Pancakes
Classic Mickey Mouse pancakes topped with fresh fruit & whipped cream 5.99

French Toast
2 halves of our French Toast served with 2 bacon strips 5.99

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Our fluffy pancakes stuffed with chocolate chip goodness 6.99

Junior Cheese Omelette An American cheese omelette served with fresh fruit & a piece of toast 6.49

Silver 5 Five silver dollar pancakes, 1 scrambled egg & 1 bacon strip 6.99

Chicken Strips
3 deep fried golden brown chicken strips served with french fries 6.99

Junior Cheeseburger
Quarter pound all-beef cheeseburger served with french fries 7.49

Grilled Cheese You can’t go wrong with an American grilled cheese served with french fries 5.99

Gluten-Free Pancakes 2 gluten-free pancakes 4.99


Milk 1.75

Chocolate Milk 1.99

Soft Drinks, Free Refills 1.99

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